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5 Top Sites To Buy children’s Books For Cheap

As a Teacher or a Parent  it is so important to build your child's library with great books but books can be pricey so I have compiled a list of  5 of the best places online that you can get the best deals on children's books. All links will be posted below and if you… Continue reading 5 Top Sites To Buy children’s Books For Cheap


Regio Inspired Preschool

Today I had  the privilege to visit a local Regio inspired preschool  named Heritage discovery preschool that totally took my breath away. When I see the environment  I had this immediate feeling come over me this is how learning should look. Anyone that knows me knows I am ultra huge fan of Claire Warden who… Continue reading Regio Inspired Preschool


Back To School Tips for the Preschool Teacher

Hello World it is almost that time again to head back to the classroom. I always start my new preschool classroom out with emotions and rules of school. PreK age children must develop their socio- emotional development before they can develop any academic skills.  Normally I start out with one of my favorite books “when… Continue reading Back To School Tips for the Preschool Teacher


Target HAAAUUL ( Oprah Voice)

My husband came home from work yesterday and told me why don't you go to your favorite place ? I was like heck yes I am out of here 🙂 so of course I ended up at TARGET my favorite place. AKA mommy vacation spot. First things first I grabbed a Starbucks Iced carmel machiato… Continue reading Target HAAAUUL ( Oprah Voice)


Dollar Tree Finds

I found some amazing deals at the Dollar Tree by my house. I put together this quick literacy activity. I bought four metal cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree, pack of letter and number stickers, and alphabet magnets.  The blank notebooks I bought from hobby lobby it was a pack of four for $3.99 but… Continue reading Dollar Tree Finds