4 Go to Science Experiments for the Preschool Classroom.

Discovery and exploration is the basis for a child’s learning and playing. A variety of experiences will produce that discovery and learning. These are my go to science experiments that I use in my preschool classroom. I hope you enjoy and please follow my blog. You can also follow me on Pinterest and twitter 😊… Continue reading 4 Go to Science Experiments for the Preschool Classroom.


5 Tips For The New Preschool Teacher :)

When I First started teaching I had no idea what I was doing. For the first two weeks, I would call my friend who also was a new teacher and cry about circle time ha-ha sounds funny now but preschool was intimidating. To make your lives easier I have put together a list of 5… Continue reading 5 Tips For The New Preschool Teacher 🙂


Mouse Paint Mixing Colors bonanza

Mixing Colors- Today we read the book Mouse paint written by Ellen Stoll Walsh. The book is great for little ones its very simple language and beautifully colored pictures. The story is about three white mice that have been hiding from a cat on white paper so the cat cannot see them. One day they… Continue reading Mouse Paint Mixing Colors bonanza