Top Skills Children Learn From Playing with Mr.Potato Heads :)

There are so many skills that children learn while “playing” with Mr. Potato Heads. I have put together a list of the top skills children learn so we can inform the families what is really being done while the children play. I hope you enjoy my list 😊 Please follow my blog to keep updated.… Continue reading Top Skills Children Learn From Playing with Mr.Potato Heads 🙂


Mouse Paint Mixing Colors bonanza

Mixing Colors- Today we read the book Mouse paint written by Ellen Stoll Walsh. The book is great for little ones its very simple language and beautifully colored pictures. The story is about three white mice that have been hiding from a cat on white paper so the cat cannot see them. One day they… Continue reading Mouse Paint Mixing Colors bonanza


Dollar Tree Finds

I found some amazing deals at the Dollar Tree by my house. I put together this quick literacy activity. I bought four metal cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree, pack of letter and number stickers, and alphabet magnets.  The blank notebooks I bought from hobby lobby it was a pack of four for $3.99 but… Continue reading Dollar Tree Finds