Top Sites To Get Deals On Teacher Supplies

As a teacher I know we spend a lot of our own money on supplies for our classrooms and students. Through my years I have found some site's online that offer pretty good deals on School Supplies 😉 As always I will link all the sites below . EAI Education - EAI Education has great… Continue reading Top Sites To Get Deals On Teacher Supplies


Regio Inspired Preschool

Today I had  the privilege to visit a local Regio inspired preschool  named Heritage discovery preschool that totally took my breath away. When I see the environment  I had this immediate feeling come over me this is how learning should look. Anyone that knows me knows I am ultra huge fan of Claire Warden who… Continue reading Regio Inspired Preschool


Target HAAAUUL ( Oprah Voice)

My husband came home from work yesterday and told me why don't you go to your favorite place ? I was like heck yes I am out of here 🙂 so of course I ended up at TARGET my favorite place. AKA mommy vacation spot. First things first I grabbed a Starbucks Iced carmel machiato… Continue reading Target HAAAUUL ( Oprah Voice)