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Toddler Teacher Tips

Toddler Teacher Tip’s I currently work at a center that care’s for children 6 weeks old to 5 years old and I have learned one big thing toddler teacher burn out is the real deal. I mostly work with Pre-K and Infants but, I do give breaks in the toddler class. I really have to… Continue reading Toddler Teacher Tips


Polar Express For The Family

The Polar Express Train Ride   If you live in California there is a beautiful and family friendly Polar Express themed train ride happening from October till December. Me and my family of four went last year and it was magical from the dancing hot chocolate song to visiting Santa's village. Now you do need to… Continue reading Polar Express For The Family


Top 5 Outside Activities for Early Learners

Top 5 Outside activities for early learners  Alphabet or number fly swat – With this game you use card stock paper and write numbers or letters on the cards. You can do as many or as less as you want.  you will need buy a couple fly swatters; I get mine at the dollar tree.  when… Continue reading Top 5 Outside Activities for Early Learners


DIY Christmas Coffee Mugs

So I have not wrote in awhile because I have gotten really busy with my amazing cricut machine 🙂 I am a mother of 3 so I have been trying to make some extra money for the holidays with my Cricut and I was kind of doubting my self but it has picked up 🙂 … Continue reading DIY Christmas Coffee Mugs


7 Top Tips- learning with the Cricut explore 2

A couple months ago I made the leap and purchased the Cricut explore air 2. It than set in the box for a while because I was so intimidated by it lol ; But through my research and great videos and Facebook groups I have gotten really comfortable with me cricut. If you like my… Continue reading 7 Top Tips- learning with the Cricut explore 2


Thing- a-ma-bobs Design (Etsy Shop)

Some of you might not no but I am a Cricut machine lover! One of my favorite purchases. I mainly bought it for my classroom but I have been having lots of fun with and have been making all kinds of fun goodies like my Cookies for Santa plate and my Harvest blessing plate. I… Continue reading Thing- a-ma-bobs Design (Etsy Shop)


Sit Spots the Pre K Teachers Best Friend

In my classroom I have the hardest time keeping my little ones in one spot on the carpet. My favorite thing is when the children say " teacher I cant see" to look down at the carpet and see them piling up on top of one another 🙂 So one late night last year I… Continue reading Sit Spots the Pre K Teachers Best Friend