Top 5 Outside Activities for Early Learners

Top 5 Outside activities for early learners 

  1. Alphabet or number fly swat – With this game you use card stock paper and write numbers or letters on the cards. You can do as many or as less as you want.  you will need buy a couple fly swatters; I get mine at the dollar tree.  when you go outside put the cards face up on the ground and call out the letters or numbers. The children swat the cards and then grab the cards.  Whichever child has the most wins. This game is super versatile.  
  1. Giant Memory- With card stock paper write letters, words, or number on the cards two of each.  mix up the cards and play memory super easy, cheap and fun for the little ones. 
  1. We bring our story time outside on nice days and with my Kinders we read a chapter a day. I will have them act out the chapter; they absolutely love this 🙂  
  1. We do the time old steal the bacon. We match up children with numbers place an eraser in the middle and call out the number the two children with same number race towards the bacon. 
  1. Musical chairs outside. I bring out my Bluetooth speaker connect it to my phone.  place the chairs where they go and play musical chairs outside! The kids love bringing games that they usually play inside outside. It’s like a brand-new game.


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