DIY Christmas Coffee Mugs

So I have not wrote in awhile because I have gotten really busy with my amazing cricut machine 🙂 I am a mother of 3 so I have been trying to make some extra money for the holidays with my Cricut and I was kind of doubting my self but it has picked up 🙂  So I have decided to to share my tips and tricks  for creating beautiful  and super easy  beginner friendly coffee mugs .  I will be adding a new craft to sell every Saturday till November 11 so please subscribe to my email list so you can keep up with all the amazingness .

First you have to get your plain coffee mugs on a good deal to even make profit off your cups and guess what you know me and I love a great deal so I scoured the internet and found plain cute perfect white mugs at Dollar tree ( remember ill post all links below .) Etsy has super cute files that you can buy or you make your own simple holiday sayings in design space. you have to make sure you get a good deal on vinyl which needs to be permanent.  Look below 🙂 for what I found.  Take great  pictures of your products 🙂 warm and cozy

  1. open design space
  2.  Make sure you click new project
  3. you could either click upload on the left hand of the screen or click text to enter your own sayings
  4. I like to zoom out to 75% so I can see better lol
  5. When you write out your saying make sure if its cursive or script that you highlight words then ungroup then move over each letter so it looks like each letter is touching then highlight  the whole saying and hit group, attach, and weld Very important
  6. In the upper right corner of design space you are going to hit save then name project
  7. now for the fun  hit the make it button 🙂 it will load your project by color on mats
  8. Choose on the dial vinyl
  9. When the cricut cuts out you creation then you weed it out. Then take your transfer tape and transfer the design to your cup that’s it your done :

Here a list of my favorite Holiday sayings that I use on my Coffee Cups :

happy holiday, warm and cozy, sweater weather, holly jolly, baby its cold outside, lets cuddle.

I always just advertise on my local facebook groups for free 🙂 And remember have fun Get Crafty With It. I only charge $6.00 a cup and it add’s up quick.



Coffee cups-    https://www.dollartree.com/Royal-Norfolk-Classic-White-Tapered-Stoneware-Mugs-14-oz-/p352381/index.pro?cm_mmc=Product+Feeds-_-Google-_-n%2Fa-_-207061&gclid=CjwKCAjw64bPBRApEiwAJhG-fk8_8z2mrcGFxZgMhBluakbitKn3vYp7DuJD3XBGGUsugWfQU3rkXhoCu_wQAvD_BwE


Holiday Saying svg- https://www.etsy.com/listing/547066905/coffee-svg-coffee-sayings-svg-funny-svg?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=coffee%20cup%20christmas%20sayings%20svg&ref=sr_gallery_3

Vinyl- https://www.sparkleberryink.com/products/copy-of-oracal-651-adhesive-sheets-12×12?variant=41254150986Oracal_651_1024x1024


Cricut- https://home.cricut.com cricut machine image


6 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Coffee Mugs”

  1. These mugs are awesome! I’ve wanted to invest in a circuit machine for awhile and this post is convincing me now is the time 🙂


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