Sit Spots the Pre K Teachers Best Friend

In my classroom I have the hardest time keeping my little ones in one spot on the carpet. My favorite thing is when the children say ” teacher I cant see” to look down at the carpet and see them piling up on top of one another 🙂 So one late night last year I was desperate I had tried everything names on the carpet, carpet squares exc.. nothing worked So I  was searching online for anything that I haven’t tried and I came across sit spots and ordered a Free sample.  I fell in love and ordered them for my entire class and have not regretted it.

  1. They Velcro to almost any carpeted surface. So no more sliding and moving around.
  2. They are small so they store really easily.
  3. they come in different shapes and colors.
  4. You can order a free sample online try out first.
  5. They are very inexpensive. ( $1.99 each)
  6. They are made of top quality material. I have had mine more than a year and still looks brand new.

There are so many great ways to use sit spots in the classroom.  I am an affiliate of sit spots but I only recommend items I use and love in my classroom 🙂

I have attached my link below.






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