Discipline Or Punishment

My first couple years in the preschool classroom I had the worst classroom management it made the day unbearable that is until I found Conscious discipline! One of the biggest things I learned is there is a huge different between discipline and punishment and we should not be punishing our preschoolers. I have a helpful list below 🙂

Discipline                                                                                     Punishment 

Intent to teach                                                       intend to feel bad or hurt

Consistent                                                                                     inconsistent

Based on love                                                                               Based on fear

Focuses on cooperation                               focuses on bribes, intimidation

Sets clear expectations                                      unclear expectations

positive behavior                                                 Expects child just to”know”

emphasizes solutions                                           emphasizes blame

helpful to child and self                                 hurtful to child and self

I hope this list gives you an idea of the correct way to use discipline in your classroom. Feel Free to print out and place somewhere to help remind you.



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