Must Have Classroom Items From Discount School Supply-

Hello I am a Preschool Teacher and I get some of my favorite classroom items from Discountchoolsupply.com . There products are reasonably priced and every product  is high quality perfect for little ones. I always like to check up on there Clearance items.  So after so many years I have a go to list that I need to start the school year right 🙂 I hope you all enjoy my list and comment below any classroom must haves you have 😉  like always all links will be posted below.

  1. Excellerations peg board – Great for centers and quiet time – awesome for math and fine motor skills.             peg board
  2. Bean bags- Great for music and movement, fine motor and gross motor
  3. Counting Bears- Counting bears have endless possibilities. You can not start a school year without counting bears;)counting bears
  4. Rhytem Set- Great for your music area.
  5. Boomwhackers- I found these at a NAEYC conference and fell in love great for circle time and you can google free songs for the whole class to play together. Super fun and easy for the children to pick up.
  6. Spectacular Sand-  This stuff is super inexpensive and the children love this great alternative to play-dough. sand
  7. Measuring tapes- You need measuring tapes in your science area
  8.  Magnifying Glass- Another must have for your science areamag glasses
  9. Big Buttons- you can use these for manipulative’s and counters. I like to add these with the play-dough. big button
  10. Listen and Match Wooden Shakers-  I found my set on clearance but, my children love when they can listen and try to match these shakers.
  11. Tornado Tubes- These add that wow to our science area when we are learning about weather.
  12. Color Mixing Glasses- These are inexpensive and the children really love seeing the color change with these glasses.  Perfect for teaching colors. color glasses
  13. Magna Tiles-  I think every teacher everywhere will agree that Magna tiles are one of the best purchases you will make. Children love creating with Magna tiles.

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