Conscious Discipline Tools That I Love

concious 2

I use conscious discipline for my classroom at it works well to help the children self-regulate their emotions.  I have some cool tools that help me with using conscious discipline in my class and I thought I would share.

  1. Calming cream- I use a non-fragrant regular lotion and I print off a label that says “Calming Cream” and put on the bottle of lotion. I then put the calming cream in a container in an area near the safe place.
  2. Safe Place- this is a place that one child can go sit in when he or she is feeling upset. We use a pop up little tent as our safe place and is marked with a poster that says safe place only one friend aloud.
  3. Feeling Buddies- These are puppets that each one has a different emotion. I introduce each one on a different day. I ask the children how the puppets face looks? What do they think that means? Different ways to handle different big emotions.
  4. Safe Breathing- These are breathing techniques that the children that help turn off the brains fight or flight.  The STAR – Smile , take a deep breath and relax

Drain- Exhale slowly making the shhh sound. There are two more the pretzel and balloon.

Conscious discipline is all about helping children handle their own emotions not us handling it for them. When a child is upset and is hitting , kicking or biting I will walk up get down to the child’s eye level and say I see you are mad because your face looks like____ And it’s OK to be angry but it’s not OK to hurt other people.  The same for a sad child I see you are sad because you are crying and looking at the door but mommy will be back she always come back when the clock looks like ___. I like to help them communicate how they are feeling.   We have to remember they are little people with huge emotions and they have bad days just like us . Sometimes we expect our children to be more grown up than us. Please check out Becky Bailey she is amazing. I would also highly recommend anyone working with children to read The whole brain child by Dan Siegel. I will post all the links below 🙂



The whole brain child – http://amzn.to/2vKx4Bi

Conscious Discipline Feeling buddies- http://amzn.to/2uDMozl



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