Top Sites To Get Deals On Teacher Supplies


As a teacher I know we spend a lot of our own money on supplies for our classrooms and students. Through my years I have found some site’s online that offer pretty good deals on School Supplies 😉 As always I will link all the sites below .

  1. EAI Education –

EAI Education has great deals on educational supplies. They are having a huge clearance sale right now on their site.

2. Nasco-

Nasco is my go to  spot for supplies they have a amazing prices. I am lucky because they have there warehouse in my town 🙂  I am telling you huge savings there.


Of course I had to list Amazon I mean I have a cart right now ready to go 🙂 I love amazon because they have good deals and you can virtually find anything on their site. I am a prime member so it makes shopping so nice.

4. Groupon-

Groupon is not necessarily an educational supply store but they have some good coupons right now for discount school supply store, so go get you some !

5. Mpm school Supplies-

This online store has some amazing deals. I was just on there and they had a wipe off monthly calendar for $2.55. You can’t beat that.

6. Discount School Supply-

My school shops through  discount school supply and all the merchandise  has great prices. I like to look over there clearance once a week because you can always find great deals on their clearance section.

school supplies

So there is my list let me know if you know any other great stores to shop at to save us money.  Follow me on here and Twitter 🙂









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