4 Go to Science Experiments for the Preschool Classroom.


Discovery and exploration is the basis for a child’s learning and playing. A variety of experiences will produce that discovery and learning. These are my go to science experiments that I use in my preschool classroom. I hope you enjoy and please follow my blog. You can also follow me on Pinterest and twitter 😊

  1. Air-

This experiment is to observe that air real and occupies space. The materials you will need are two glasses, large basin, and water. Place one glass under the water and let it fill. Push the other glass, open end down, straight down into the water and it will be full of air. Move the glass full of water over the glass full of air so that when you tip the glass of air, the bubbles will pour upward unto the glass of water, pushing the water out. You can pour the air back and forth from glass to glass in this matter.

  1. Celery Magic-

You will need celery, color water and a glass. Place stalks of celery into the glass of colored water. Watch what happens. Compare to of the human body and its veins.

  1. Smell-

Make a variety of smell bottles for the children. I bought a bunch of little plastic bottles at my local Dollar tree. I put a cotton balls in them with garlic, cedar, lemon, coffee, almond, vanilla, vinegar exc. Ask the children and record the answers what they think is in each bottle.

  1. Weight-

For this science activity, they are going to explore weight. I use old coffee cans and place different item in each can some heavy and some light.  Have two cans the same and the other can the same. Have the children match the weight.

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Bottles for smell-


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