Top Skills Children Learn From Playing with Mr.Potato Heads :)

There are so many skills that children learn while “playing” with Mr. Potato Heads. I have put together a list of the top skills children learn so we can inform the families what is really being done while the children play. I hope you enjoy my list 😊 Please follow my blog to keep updated. I will post links  at the bottom 😉

  1. Fine motor skills-

The potatoe head’s facial features and body parts are so amazing for fine motor skills. The children must use their finger to push in and pull out the different accessories. The pulling and pushing build up those fine motor skills.

  1. Gross Motor skills-

This is one that surprises people but yes Gross motor 😉 in my class we will play hot potato with the potato heads. We will bring the potato heads outside and roll them to each other to music in a circle. Both activities use your arms and legs to move the potatoes.

  1. Dramatic Play-

Children love to play with the potato heads in the dramatic play area. I will add different accessories the police officer things of that nature.

  1. Identifying Body parts-

You could do a lesson about body parts with your potato heads.

  1. Learning Prepositions-

I like to teach prepositions with my potato heads. I place my potato heads On, In, and under a bucket the children have so much fun learning that way.

  1. Art-

I like to place potatoes heads on a table with some drawing tools and have the children draw pictures of the potatoes.

This is just a quick list of ways children really learn while playing with Potato Heads as you can see the list can go on 😊 Let’s keep parents informed about what play is doing for the development of the whole child that worksheets could never do!

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