Top 5 Go To Floor Activities for the Preschool Classroom.

Someday’s in my classroom are super hectic specially at the beginning and end of the school day. I like  to begin the day with the children finding and writing their names and then sitting at the carpet until It is time for breakfast.  On the carpet I will have a couple open activities on the floor that are easy to put away but also very  developmentally appropriate. So I have put together my go to morning floor activities.

  1. Melissa And Doug large puzzles- I love these puzzles they are made extremely well and can endure years of little ones 🙂  The puzzles come in all kinds of themes so you can usually fit them into your lesson plans. You can find them on Amazon for super cheap. I always like to invest in these whenever I can.
  2.  Books – I will set out a couple books that I know will drive the children’s imagination. One of my children’s favorite book is ” Don’t push that button” by Bill Cotter.
  3. Wood Trains- In my class Wood Trains are the golden Ticket . The children love the the wooden trains and setting up the train tracks. The trains I got off amazon are very Well made and durable. They have made it through three years of my four year old class.
  4. Tubs and Cars – A couple years ago I jumped off the ledge and bought Tub of Cars and trucks from lake shore. It was pricey but like all of lake shore’s product they hold up very well.  So far the children have  enjoyed these so to me it was a great investment into my classroom.
  5. Dancing Scarves and bean bags- This seems so simple but sometimes with preschoolers simplicity is golden. These work great during carpet time in the morning because its quiet not messy at all and easy to put away.  What I really love is that these objects are open ended and the children can make them into what ever they want.

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Dancing Scarves

Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzles

Tub of cars and trucks


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