5 Tips For The New Preschool Teacher :)

When I First started teaching I had no idea what I was doing. For the first two weeks, I would call my friend who also was a new teacher and cry about circle time ha-ha sounds funny now but preschool was intimidating. To make your lives easier I have put together a list of 5 top things new teachers should know. If you like this article and want to see more please follow my blog below and you can always catch up to me on twitter as well.
1. Jump right in. –
Get on the floor with children and have fun. Let the families see how you interact with the children. Don’t be scared, the children and families can smell it 😊
2. Network–
Surround yourself with mentors and newbies like yourself. It takes an army to make an amazing teacher. You can always talk about your worries or bounce ideas off each other it’s so good to network in our field.
3. Tools-
Have the right set of tools like great book’s that you have already read an enjoy. If you don’t like the book chances are neither will the children. Make sure to have great songs ready to go. Learn the songs before using them in the classroom. I will post a link below of some of my favorite cd’s.
4. Let it go-
Learn to let things go. Make sure you are not set in stone with your activities let the children guide the learning as well. Follow their interest trust me you will have much more enjoyable lessons.
5. Be Intentional-
Be an intentional Teacher. Make sure you are always intentional in your teaching style never just throw an activity out into the environment. Everything in your environment has a purpose. Everything should contribute to the child’s learning.
Always have fun and enjoy your children and their families. Remember you will make mistakes and learn new ways to handle things. As a teacher, you will discover your very own style no one else’s. One day you will have tips of your own.
Greg and Steve-

60 Preschool Songs


Don’t touch that button by bill cotter


How to an intentional teacher NAEYC



9 thoughts on “5 Tips For The New Preschool Teacher :)”

  1. Bless all the teachers of all grades. I always say I cant even imagine how they do it! I know some struggling new teachers I am going to share this post with!


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