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5 Top Sites To Buy children’s Books For Cheap

As a Teacher or a Parent  it is so important to build your child’s library with great books but books can be pricey so I have compiled a list of  5 of the best places online that you can get the best deals on children’s books. All links will be posted below and if you love my list follow and leave me a comment.

  1. Booksbythefoot.com –                                                                                                              This site stuffs a huge box full of gently used children’s books for a flat fee of $24.99. The box is mixed with all ages but,  for that price you cant beat it. I have only tried it once and donated the older aged book to my local thrift. I did receive lots of great  classic stories.
  2. Betterworldbooks.com-                                                                                                              This site is easy to navigate and offers new and gently used books. They have a huge selection of books to choose from. They had all the classics like Chika Chika Boom Boom used for $3.98 which  Amazon had it for $5.03. this site has amazing deals do yourself a favor and bookmark their website.
  3. Powells.com-                                                                                                                                       I found a lot of my board books for my toddler class on this site. I found one board book that I hadn’t seen in awhile ” The house in the night ” that I had to swoop up ASAP and It was only $3.98 used.
  4. Thriftbooks.com-                                                                                                                    This site is mine and my grandma’s Go to site for books. I have it saved as a favorite in my tool bar. They had a Green eggs and ham board book for $3.79 I mean come on you cant get better than that. The books I order from this site are always  are in top condition no rips , stains or pages bent.  This site also sells new books. You will not regret taking a couple minutes to go browse their wonderful selection of books.
  5.  Scholastic.com  –                                                                                                                     This one is  a go to for teacher’s but parents can shop there as well. I love scholastic because it gives scholastic dollars to my children’s school to spend.  My only thing with scholastic books is that they really don’t sell old books like classics. They mostly sell new books. I recommend looking into the scholastic warehouse events in your area. At these events they sale boxes of books from there warehouses for cheap. When you shop at the events they also give scholastic dollars to the school of your choice.

Thank you for taking time to read my list.  It is so important to introduce your children to reading early on. You will instill a love that will help them throughout their lives. Books are the best investment I have in my household. Please like and follow my blog and catch me on twitter 😉



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