Planning A family Vacation Before Back To School

Hello World I am planning a mini vacation before we get back into the hustle and bustle of life. Man have I enjoyed my summer vacation but, I just realized we didn’t do much but lounge around the house 🙂 So I got up early this morning and started looking up places withing two hours of my home. Unfortunately my go to mountain spots have a huge wild fire burning through them at the moment. If you are ever in California looking for a beautiful mountain trip look no further than Columbia California it is an old west town. It has gold panning and stage coach rides. I love their old time candy shop p.s all the candy is made on site. Since I can not make the trip up to Columbia because of the fires I am trying to find another spot for my family. I have decided on Monterrey California this year. They have all kinds of fun and inexpensive activities there. We will make a spot at the wonderful Dennis the Mennis Park which has an Amazing playground ( Free) We will pack a lunch and play at the park for a couple hours. We will then head over to the beach to make sand castles and play in the water which is always ice cold no matter what.  A must to check out in Monterrey with little one’s is the my museum children museum. It is an interactive museum for children super inexpensive as well. If you want another Amazing Experience visit the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. This will up your budget quite a bit but sometimes you can get discounted admission through your local credit union.  Now since about a three hour dive from my house to Monterrey I will be booking a Hotel. I was searching all over the web and found great deals on booking.com click on link below and check them out. I will posting a blog all about the vacation and any tips and tricks I find in Monterrey So keep tuned.  All Links will be posted below.

Booking.com  Booking.com

My Museum – http://www.mymuseum.org/us/

Dennis the Mennis Park- http://www.monterey.org/Services/Parks-and-Beaches/El-Estero-Park-Complex

Monterrey Aquarium- http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/

Enjoy Follow my blog to keep updated 🙂


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