Hospital Bags Must haves

When I got pregnant with my third child I was way more prepared and knew exactly what I wanted when I went into labor.  I spent months researching the right products that would work for my family. Well your in luck I am putting all those products into a list to save you time 🙂 You will thank me trust me. I will be breaking the huge list down into categories and posting  every Thursday @ 7:00 pm .  My first category is ……… Yep you guessed what to pack your hospital Bag.


  1.  I bought this huge cute oversize bag from  Ross retail stores. It was tangerine color with white stripes so freaking cute and a huge deal of $15.99 . It had a large leather strap that you could put over your shoulder to carry the bag so it was super easy to carry. The bag had a bunch of pockets which was so nice because I like to separate things. I highly recommend checking at your local Ross for a bag.
  2.  I bought my hospital gown and hosptial socks from this site called Baby be mine maternity which I found from the amazing Aaryn Williams if you haven’t checked her out on her youtube channel go immediately. Anyways lol the hospital gown was so cute it was pink with white polka dots and I really loved that it fit so much better than a regular hospital gown. The gown had snaps in the front that made it easy to get skin to skin contact with the baby and breast feed. The socks from the company were also super cute they were pink and said on the bottom. Ready, Set, Push I know so freaking cute and they were non slip. I will post a link below.
  3. Head phones and a charger super important. While I was in labor music helped me get my mind off the contractions and the people in the room with me 🙂  The charger is something overlooked sometimes when your in a hurry out the door to the hospital so I would pack it early.
  4. Extra clothes for you . I will suggest something really loose fitting and comfortable. Its all about being comfortably after labor. .
  5. Something I found super helpful was Dry shampoo I bought in the travel size items at target with travel size toothpaste as well. Bring chap stick your lips will get super dry trust me. You will want lotion for some reason my skin got super dry afterwards.  and of course your makeup bag , brush basics
  6. One of the most important you birth plan that is a biggie pack that asap. I found a great website with a template for it. I will post below
  7. Snacks I packed lots of snack hahhaha. I needed to munch late night after the baby.

That’s it for my hospital bag list come back next Thursday for my must have diaper bag list! Trust me I am a mom of three this is something I know about 🙂







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