Regio Inspired Preschool

Today I had  the privilege to visit a local Regio inspired preschool  named Heritage discovery preschool that totally took my breath away. When I see the environment  I had this immediate feeling come over me this is how learning should look. Anyone that knows me knows I am ultra huge fan of Claire Warden who owns and runs an  outdoor kindergarten in Scotland. I know this program would of done her proud. Every where I looked there was Regio and Highscope inspired activities. There was nature all over the classrooms and child inspired lesssons being taught ugh just joy to my heart in a community infused with preschool’s still using didos and worksheets for learning this beautiful program stands alone. I know there is a movement starting in my community I live in and that is to bring more development appropriate practices to early care. There needs to be a push for PLAY the ultimate learning for children . We need to band together and push out the old and bring something new and fresh here.  When I walked outside I seen chickens , children playing in the water and a mud kitchen yes I said mud kitchen absolutely  amazing. Children were running in the grass barefoot and dragon flies flew over head. They have a garden that  the children were eating tomatoes from. Take a minute and close your eyes and picture that beautiful setting of children learning in nature. I will link the preschool below and Claire Warden’s website as well please do yourself a favor and check both pages out.regio classroom

Thank you every one for visiting my page now get out in nature.




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