Back To School Tips for the Preschool Teacher

Hello World it is almost that time again to head back to the classroom. I always start my new preschool classroom out with emotions and rules of school. PreK age children must develop their socio- emotional development before they can develop any academic skills.  Normally I start out with one of my favorite books “when Sophie Gets Angry really really angry!” By Molly Bang. If you don’t have this book in your classroom or even at home Get it! This book helps little minds figure out what is going on with their big emotions. I have another great book I love called “No Hitting” by Karen Katz. My daughter was about 1-years old when I got this book it helped a great deal anytime she was hitting I would go up to her and say Sophie I know your angry let’s go over and read a book about hitting. It really does work. I feel if you’re a parent of small children or a teacher you should have a copy of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson. This changed my life with my own children. I truly believe that it can help you too some days I would just feel like I was yelling all day this book showed me you get way more through to them when you’re talking to them as human beings. I find in my classroom when I sit at circle at start to whisper the whole circle get’s quiet. They are curious about what is going on why is teacher whispering or sometimes I like to talk in a silly voice that really get their attention 😊 I’m telling you Jane Nelson will be your savior this year I know she was mine all those years ago.   Another great author that dives into the minds of children is Dan Siegal. Go google him today you will not regret it. He is amazing at considering the mind of a child and helping you respond to the children’s needs correctly.   If you like my article please comment and follow me on twitter my link is below.



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1 thought on “Back To School Tips for the Preschool Teacher”

  1. I completely agree! I’m an English teacher in China and I mainly teach ages 3-5. I always stress the importance of teaching my students socio-emotional skills. Even though they may not understand the language, through demonstration and practice they get the hang of it. Thank you for these tips and the book recommendations!.


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