Baby Allergies Big Problem

So last night we got home from a funeral and my youngest child 7 months has a running nose and no fever but super cranky. We lay him down at 9:00pm for bed and around 12:00am he starts to cry I think oh just time for his bottle nope not the case at all I wasn’t getting off that easy! I picked him up and he threw up milky slimy snotty stuff all over the place poor baby didn’t know what was happening (he has never been sick before.) I decided to run a bath and I put some Johnson and Johnson baby vapor bath wash in the tub. I let him sit in the warm bath for a while then, time came to get out meanwhile I’m so exhausted! We then get out his arch enemy the booger sucker man he hates that thing and that kid has reflexes like a ninja😊. Do you have any tricks on how to use the booger sucker lol? I put some anti congestion drops up his little nose and try to suck out the boogers. Finally, we lay him down and he somewhat falls asleep squirming all night. Man, us moms have it tough and guess what it is 7:00ambaby andrew and I am up with a happy little baby like nothing happened last night and I’m so tired but I’m just so glad he feels better. I love that baby vapor a little bit goes a long way in a warm tub and it always does the trick. I know all kinds of tricks because I am a mom of three! I am always tired but always happy! How many Mommies didn’t get any sleep last night raise your tired little hands 😉


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