Target HAAAUUL ( Oprah Voice)

My husband came home from work yesterday and told me why don’t you go to your favorite place ? I was like heck yes I am out of here 🙂 so of course I ended up at TARGET my favorite place. AKA mommy vacation spot. First things first I grabbed a Starbucks Iced carmel machiato oh yea, then I hit the dollar spot woot woot. I found some great wooden characters there were a police and school bus set amaze balls I’m telling you.  I found these great felt letter’s and number so perfect for a felt story board. I made Two small felt boards for my children to use in the reading area these would also go great over there in that area. Oohh oohh and another great great find were these clear pockets that you can stick anywhere how awesome to help set up the classroom. I was thinking about adding these by the door for the jobs because the children need a visual reminder who the line leader is hahaha.  I also found another great classroom tool wait for it wait for it —- chalkboard labels how much fun these could be. Chalkboard labels would bring a very unique look to any room. I found these super cute apple chalkboard clip on labels. these would be really cute for a behavior chart to move up and down on or just maybe who’s bring the sharing bucket next or something of that nature so many options, maybe vocab words for an apple them 🙂  And last but certainly not least blank journal’s I don’t think you could ever have too many blank journals. I use mine for science journals, literacy,  art, reading , all kinds of ideas endless and endless. What super super amazing none of these items are more than $5.00 you just can not beat that and the quality is amazing.


Leave a comment below whats your all time favorite find at the target dollar spot

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PicMonkey Collage target


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