Fun In The Mud

Fun In The Mud

Summer is almost over and can I honestly say I am not ready to send my little ones off again. Anyone else feel the same? I see a lot of people say I can’t wait for them to go back and no judgment I have those days as well. Like when I want to run a child free errand! But I do enjoy being home with them all day running around in their underwear’s lol 😊 It been so hot here that we haven’t had much time in the sun because I have nose bleeders 😉 but today was perfect to get out in the backyard and play in the sun and make some good old fashion mud! My son brought out his cowboys and native American to play with. He submerged his little guys in the mud and dug a moat. My husband filled a tub with water and made a boat out of a water jug (talk about up-cycling) my son’s face was filled with joy and wonder no electronics needed. For a split second, I was taking back to my childhood before electronics ruled us like mind control. It was a peaceful feeling no distraction just play. It is crazy how studies show that nature helps reduce the symptoms of ADHD and I believe it because I can feel the relief when I am outside playing in nature. Every opportunity that you have bring your little one outside not just for them but for you as well.  PicMonkey Image fun in the sun

Cuddle Fairy

Fun in the mud – Mom on the blog


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