Teething Trouble Help is Here !!!

Hello World My top Teething tips drumrollll please…….

I have a 7 month old at home and he had hit the dreaded stage yep you guessed it TEETHING ! As a parent, you know what it means no sleep LOL Well I have learned some great tips and tricks and I would love to pass them onto you great people.


  1. Know the signs- learn your babies ques. When your babies start to get fussy or putting his hands in their mouths you should start to soothe them before they start to cry than waiting till it’s a full out screaming fit. Because once your child lid is flipped which means when we are not thinking with self-control but with our fight or flight.( I will post a link to great article explaining all about it.) this basically means  that calming your child down will be a lot harder.
  2. This one is a go to  for me – have lots of teething rings available. My son loves those things but it only helps for a little bit and his hands get cold quickly so this is just a short-term fix.
  3. Try to take their minds off of it – I love to give my son a nice warm bath or take him for a walk that seems to really help when he is fussy over teething pains.

I really hope these have helped you because I know that is so hard when your child is in pain everyone pays lol 😊 Just kidding but really give your baby some relief and you too.  As I learn some more I will come back and update this article so keep checking.


Flipping your lid- http://ageofmontessori.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Flipping-Your-Lid.sustainableparenting.pdf


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