Learning with real life :)

Practical Life Activities-

My children love absolutely love real life learning. One example of that is playing with real tools maybe a real screw driver ( of course with adult supervision) or real tape measures. In the kitchen they enjoy shucking corn , shelling peas, in the classroom washing windows or watering plants with a spray bottle. Children learn and enjoy learning with real materials not fake plastic ones. Dont be scared to incorporate practical life activities into your home or classroom it will be so rewarding for you and the children. I promise you will not look back. In the nature kindergarten in Scotland their children pound real hammers and nails. they use real saws to cut wood and guess what the start real fires to keep warm . Imagine our children at such a young age are capable of such complex activities.
Last summer I attended a conference by Claire Warden she runs a nature center in Scotland. She is absolutely wonderful. She has a website that you can learn all about her and even take some online courses.


In the words of jungle book ” Look for the bare necessitates”




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