HELP! Parent Involvement

Getting Families Involved

Family involvement in the preschool classroom is so crucially important. It shows the children that families are invested in their education; But, everyday my coworkers and I struggle to get families to volunteer. Here are four ideas to get more families involved in the early childhood  classroom.


  1. At the beginning of the month put out a blank calendar and ask the families what day works best for them to volunteer in the class. (remember it’s all in how you ask) have them fill in the dates their committing to on the calendar right then.
  2. Assign parents jobs in the classroom like cutting out projects, class helper, or setting up the outside environment. This should be done in advance. (remember to have set times it only takes about 5 minutes to set up the outside environment)
  3. Have special events in the classroom monthly for family involvement for instance have a special guest read a book in circle time, or have a family member set up a special activity for the class to enjoy.
  4. Have families come and set up a culture share in the classroom that talks about them and their family culture. This could be just what makes their family unique and special things they do with their families. For example, we love Giants baseball team and we go every month to a game together as a family. They can bring pictures, special books to stay up for the week so the whole class can an enjoy their family culture.
  5. Make sure to reward the parents with a gift a small token of appreciation. Gift cards or a home made item. Just so they feel appreciated for all the extra work. remember a little bit of kindness will go a long way.parent gift

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