Hello World

Hello My name is Elisha Suarez and I am a preschool teacher, mother, wife and lover of all things child development and secret do it yourself-er enthusiast . I am always learning new things in this amazing world of child development. One of my favorite educational resources to use are the teaching young children magazines from National Association of the education of young children (NAEYC) I suggest anyone in the early education field to get involved with NAEYC.  I will post a link below to some of the articles. I would love for you all to come on this blogging adventure with me as I attempt to figure out this crazy world.  I will be posting all things early education. I also have a cricut machine and as I am learning to use that machine to help out my preschool classroom 🙂 I will be posting articles about my trial and tribulations with the cricut. I will post a link below of the cricut machine in case you have never heard of it 😉  as the great Peter Pan said ” Away We Go” ……………………





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