Around the world learning

Hobby Lobby –

Who Else Loves Hobby Lobby and love, loves that it start putting fall and Christmas decorations out early? I DOOOO 😊 I love walking in there and its no longer summer heat but Fall which is my favorite season.  I just take my time going down every aisle looking to see what’s new this year. I start stocking up on my craft items like pompoms, bells, glitters, paints , popsicle stick, ornaments exec…  I start wracking my brain what can my kids make this year how can we explore the seasons differntley this year? Because I don’t like to become stale or a robot who every year goes to her cabinet and pulls out the same activities year after year. Can you agree with me? Do you ever feel like you’re in a rut specially in this field? Because we can easily fall into but, we have what no other generation had before us the internet and yes pintrest is great but, I’m talking more about the community we have from all over the world to bounce ideas off each other. We are so fortunate to have this we can open are computers in the convenience of our homes and literally look up any piece of information we  need. Wow that just really blows my mind when I sit and think about it. I challenge you meet some mentors from different parts of the world. Learn how they run their classrooms. What materials they use for classroom activities you might be surprised at what you find. Let’s take from each other and make our programs great!

Like the great Peter Pan said “ To live will be an awfully great adventure”s130052-5: Hiep Duc and Phuoc Son ADP - Photo Feature


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